A flexible system that adapts to your facility

We offer you a customized system answering your real needs and improving the daily life of your patients and residents as well as your staff.

Technology at the service of your needs

In close cooperation with you, we offer you a Dcare system tailored to your tailored to your needs to detect numerous incidents in a single network.

You can equip as many patients or residents as you need in an area without limit depending on the number of Dcare Plugs Plugs placed in a department, a wing or the entire facility.

In this area, you are free toallocate your bracelets as you wish and when you wish and when you want, the system is scalable and is not not fixed to specific rooms that would require moving the people to be equipped.

Dcare system Plug held in one hand

The Dcare Plugs are connected plugs that serve as relays for the Dcare bracelets to your monitoring and alert system. They are also available as wall-mounted beacons for even more discretion.

Depending on the size and configuration of the ward, wing or entire facility you wish to cover, a certain number of Dcare plugs will be required (on average one plug every two rooms). To ensure optimal coverage, we make you an offer according to your structure.

Surface area Number of Plugs*
1000 m²
15 Plugs
3000 m²
45 Plugs

* This data is provided as an indication and may vary depending on the configuration of the facility, the materials of the interior walls and the various obstacles. Coverage can be provided on multiple floors.

A system that is not static

Our system is removable and can be upgraded or assigned to another department at any time. The installed equipment can be easily moved between departments.

The bracelets can be passed on to other wearers and their detections can be customized according to the needs of each new person.

Dcare is a flexible system but also scalable. It continuously adapts to the needs of your teams as well as those of your patients and residents.

Seated senior wearing a Dcare bracelet in an institutition equipped with the Dcare system

Flexible integration

Do you already have an alarm or nurse call system? We can offer you a software integration to your existing system in order to complete or replace the technology in place.

The bracelet can then be used directly by patients or residents to notify your facility staff. Alerts are then received via our Dcare application or existing technology (DECT phones, etc.)

Dcare Plug plugged into a socket near a DECT system telephone in a hospital environment

The Dcare technology meets the modern needs of healthcare institutions for the safety and well-being of their patients and residents.

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