Install it yourself!

The installation and configuration of the Dcare system has been designed to be achievable by anyone without special technical skills.

It is done in a few simple steps and guided by the application or our online guide.

All you need is a basic Internet connection to connect your Dcare Box and electrical outlets.

Intuitive and guided

The different steps of the installation are accessible to everyone. We guide you step by step.

Plug & Play

No additional hardware is required, just an Internet connection and wall sockets.

Express installation

Install the system for yourself or a loved one in less than an hour. No installation costs, no technicians!

Install your system by yourself in no time!

A Dcare bracelet

A Dcare Box with power supply and Ethernet cable

3 Dcare Plugs with integrated socket

A scanning document, a start-up guide and a guarantee

A Torx tool

A spare battery for the bracelet

The Plug Dcare is the connected plug that allows your system to locate your loved one and detect his or her routines. It also enables bracelet Dcare to send information and alerts to relatives and caregivers. Depending on the size and configuration of your loved one's home, one or more additional Dcare Plug(s) may be required to ensure optimum coverage of the home.
Surface area Number of Plugs*
10 to 70 sq.m.
3 (Dcare starter kit)
70 to 90 sq.m.
4 (+1)
90 to 110 sq.m.
5 (+ 2 Plugs)
110 sq.m. and more
+ 1 Plug every 20 sq.m.

* This data is provided as an indication and may vary according to the configuration of the house and the materials of its interior walls.

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The Dcare technology meets the main needs of seniors for an extended care at home.

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