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5 key features for more security

What makes the Dcare system unique is its many features in one compact, discreet and efficient solution.

Fall detection

The bracelet detects heavy and soft falls thanks to its 5 sensors and the intelligent algorithm embedded in the bracelet.

In the event of a fall followed by inactivity, a notification is sent immediately to the smartphone of each family member or designated carer.

Manual help request

By simply pressing the bracelet, the senior citizen can send a request for help at any time when he or she needs it.

A notification is then immediately sent to each designated family member or carer's smartphone and displayed in the Dcare app.

Exit detection

With precise indoor location, every exit can be detected.

When the senior leaves home, their family and carers are notified via the app. You can disable this feature via the app if it is not relevant for your loved one.

Activity monitoring

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system analyses the wearer's life habits and provides a warning in the event of an anomaly.

For example, the wearer has not got up at the usual time and remains in bed: relatives and carers are directly warned that something is wrong via a notification.


Dcare Plugs are placed at key locations in the wearer's home and allow the wearer to be located at any time within the home.

A relative or carer from the senior's personal network can ask where they are at any time via the app's monitoring screen.

Comparison table of similar offers

Name Types of solutions Analysis of AI routines Interior location Heavy/soft falls Dedicated application No installation fees Autonomy without recharging
Smart bracelet
6 months
Similar smart bracelets
7 - 10 days
2 years
Wall-mounted detectors
2 years

The Dcare technology meets the main needs of seniors for an extended care at home.

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