The new essential for healthcare facilities

Secure your patients and residents in an institutional setting with an innovative bracelet to provide responsiveness and peace of mind to staff.

Nurse talking to a patient in an institutional setting equipped with the Dcare bracelet


The Dcare bracelet accurately detects heavy and soft falls and many other incidents to alert your staff.


The system continuously adapts to your structure and evolves according to the needs of its activity.


Up to 10 times less expensive than existing solutions on the market, whether purchased or rented.


The installation of the system is quick and easy, without any work or disruption to the activity of the facility.

Facilitate the work of your staff to offer them responsiveness and peace of mind

Equip the most fragile with bracelet Dcare intelligent and waterproof for 24/7 automated safety, with no need for recharging.

Since they are instantly informed and alerted when needed, your staff can focus on quality time with those who need it most.

Resident of a nursing home looking at a phone handed to her by a nurse wearing a mask

The solution that reassures the wearers of the bracelet and their families

Thanks to our solution, daily life at l'hospitalnursing homes (EHPAD) or in residence-services for patients, residents and nursing staff.

Family and friends are also reassured by our discreet discreetrespectful of privacy privacy and guarantees security security.

Nursing home residents equipped with the Dcare bracelet with a family member


Comprehensive and reliable features to alert your staff for quick and effective response to incidents.

  • Accurate detection of heavy and soft falls
  • 3 types of falls: followed by movement, without movement, with recovery
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity according to the wearer's profile
  • The sensitivity can be readjusted at each change of wearer up: strong
Dcare system Plug held in one hand


As designers of our own technology, we have created a system that your facility.

Easily easily transferred between people and departmentsthe system is not fixed and dedicated to one room, but detects an unlimited unlimited areain which you can allocate the bracelets to whomever you wish.

A integration to your nursing call system and a selection of relevant features are also possible, for a technology that meets your real needs.

Competitive price

Dcare also adapts to your budget by proposing customized offers that are up to 10 times less expensive than those available on the market, either through purchase or rental. We are committed to enabling facilities of all types and sizes to secure their patients and residents while facilitating the work of their staff.

It is the most complete solution and yet one of the cheapest on the market with about €0.50 per day per patient.

Type of solution Price range Manual nurse call Fall Integration with existing nurse call system Installation without works Autonomy
Dcare bracelet
2 years on battery
Classic nurse call
Mains powered
Camera system
Mains powered


We offer you a tailor-made installation , simple, fast and without works. It takes less than an hour to equip an entire department without disturbing the activity of the personnel, without works and respecting the sanitary standards.

Watch a video of our Dcare installation in 3 departments of 25 beds at the CNDG (Notre-Dame de Grâce Clinic) in Gosselies, Belgium.

The Dcare technology meets your needs to secure your patients and residents and facilitate the work of your staff.

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