A reliable, comprehensive and innovative bracelet .

Offer well-being, autonomy and safety with a compact and revolutionary solution thanks to the reliability of its features.

Photo of the Dcare bracelet equipped with numerous on-board features

The smart bracelet that secures the most vulnerable and warns the staff in case of need

Discreet and comfortable

Thanks to its comfortable and non-stigmatizing design, the Dcare bracelet perfectly fits into the daily life of wearers who will soon be able to do without it.

Indicator light

A LED indicator flashes and changes color according to status changes and alert sendings.

Front view of the bracelet Dcare equipped with many embedded features

Panic button

A button that allows a manual nurse call or to cancel the sending of an automatic detection, following a fall without consequence.


Thanks to its innovative technology, the battery of the bracelet can reach up to 2 years of autonomy.

If you wish to monitor several patients or residents in the same department, this is entirely possible and depends onone common system. You can even equip several departments or wings by placing a Dcare Box box per area and transfering the material from one person to another: the system is never static.

Comprehensive features for efficient interventions

Accurate detection of heavy and soft falls

Exit and runaway detection

Nurse call button on the bracelet

Detailed incident reports

And much more...

Dcare is a complete solution, discreet and respectful of privacy which allows more autonomy in medical residences and hospitals.
Thanks to precise detections and reports reports, caregivers can more effectively manage seniors and provide them with more quality time.

Falls, a major health issue among seniors

The risk of falling is a daily hazard in the life of seniors in particular, even in health institutions.

The Dcare bracelet enables precise detection of both heavy and soft falls for rapid intervention by qualified personnel.

Challenge in nursing homes and hospitals


For a facility with 80 beds, an average of 400 falls occur each year.

Too much time on the ground is dangerous

0 %

After one hour on the ground, the risk of death in the following year increases by 60%.

A permanent risk for seniors

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35% of people between the ages of 65 and 80 fall each year. This figure rises to almost 45% between the ages of 80 and 90.

A unique live monitoring network

infographic illustrating the network of professionals linked around the patient or resident in an institutional setting thanks to the numerous features

By combining the functionality of the facility's wristbands with Dcare technology, create a unique tracking network network for caregivers.

Thanks to the live tracking and its alertsthe network of caregivers will be able to provide care in case of an incident. in the event of an incident.

The alerts then avoid superficial rounds and allow you to spend more qualitative more qualitative time with patients and residents while reassuring while reassuring their relatives.

3 smartphones displaying the tracking screen of the Dcare application and its features menus

Connect your staff with those who need them

Bracelets connected to your nurse call system or to our Dcare application allow your qualified staff to monitor the situation live and be alerted when needed.

It is very easy and fast to add new person(s) to monitor (additional bracelets) or supervisors.

The Dcare bracelet facilitates the work of your staff and promotes the well-being of the people being monitored.

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