Quick and easy installation

The installation and configuration of the Dcare system is carried out without disrupting the activity of the institution and without works, via a simple technician.

Your system is tailored to your institution and up and running in no time!

Dcare Plug connected to a wall socket of a Dcare installation

After strategically connecting a small router  and a few Plugs in the department or wing concerned, the bracelets are set up with the data of the wearers and the system is ready to operate!


The system is installed in 30 minutes for each service without the need for a qualified technician.

No intervention from you or the carriers for a totally anonymous system.


Once the installation is complete, we train your staff to use our system.

Based on a system of notifications and team support, the system is intuitive.

Plug & Play

All you need is a smartphone or tablet to monitor all your wearers and receive alerts.

You can also opt to integrate with your existing nurse call system.

Case study of a Dcare installation in a hospital

Customer: CNDG (Notre-Dame de Grâce Clinic) en Gosselies, Belgium

Challenge:  ensure patient safety and rapid response by medical personnel when necessary

Objective: equip 3 departments of 25 beds to allow the monitoring of vulnerable patients

Installed system : per service, 10 bracelets - 12 Plugs - 1 Box

Total time for installation and staff training: 3 h

Delay before installation: 10 working days after order

The Dcare technology meets the modern needs of healthcare institutions for the safety and well-being of their patients and residents.

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