Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about our system, its technology and its operation.

The Dcare solution is intended for seniors who are losing their independence and living alone at home, but it also benefits the entire network of family members and caregivers.

Initially conceived as a solution for individuals, the technology could evolve into a grouped solution for specialized institutions for people lacking autonomy. More information to come in 2022.

No, your senior loved one does not need to have their own smartphone. This is only necessary for you and/or anyone else who wants to access the monitoring via the Dcare app.

The senior only needs an Internet connection to install the Dcare system at home.

The Dcare bracelet is equipped with a quality battery. This means that it can last up to 6 months without changing it, for standard daily use. There is no need for tedious daily recharging, which would prevent monitoring at night if the bracelet was no longer worn.

You can even consider a longer autonomy if you choose to disable some features from the dedicated app (up to 2 years of autonomy then possible).

A second battery is already included in the Dcare starter kit.

The battery's state of charge is included in the app so that relatives can take action before the battery is completely empty. A notification alert warns supervisors when the battery is running low.

For reasons of autonomy and size, the bracelet is not equipped with a speaker or microphone. However, in the event of a fall, a supervisor alerted by the app can call the wearer's telephone number, recorded directly in the app, to communicate via traditional telephony.

An audible alert is nevertheless emitted by the Dcare Box in the event of a problem to confirm the detection to the wearer.

A notification system on our Dcare app for smartphones ensures that you are instantly informed of the following needs

  • Fall detection
  • Manual call for help
  • Low battery warning
  • Out-of-home detection
  • Routine breaks detection

Of course! The Dcare system has been designed so that anyone can install the system completely independently and in less than 30 minutes without any special knowledge. So you won't need any assistance or an expensive professional installer.

With a step-by-step installation guide in the application, and a tutorial available at any time, you can easily install Dcare for yourself or a loved one. For the more reluctant, we offer a paid installation via one of our authorized installers. Contact us via for more information.

Although the system detects exits, its sole purpose is to operate within the confines of the wearer's home thanks to the strategically placed Dcare Plugs inside. The Dcare bracelet is not equipped with GPS or GSM technologies, which consume a lot of energy and would drastically reduce the autonomy and therefore the interest of the Dcare solution.

The aim of the Dcare system is to ensure the safety of wearers when they are isolated and without assistance in their homes. We are counting on everyone's solidarity to provide assistance and warn relatives in case a fragile person falls in the street!

Any person authorized by the administrator (the person who installed the system or was designated as such during the installation) can access the monitoring information. By simply creating a Dcare account associated with a bracelet, you can monitor your loved one/friend/patient/neighbour and thus become a "supervisor". A supervisor can be added (or removed) at any time by the administrator, even after installation.

It is perfectly possible to use several Dcare bracelets with one system in a shared home. For example, for a couple living in the same house and losing their independence.

For such cases, additional Dcare bracelets are offered individually.

The standard Dcare package is sold directly to the customer from :

  • our website via our store shop
  • by telephone on +32 (0) 67 88 82 50
  • by email to

Dcare is a totally privacy-friendly system and is committed to remaining so.

The monitoring data collected by the bracelet is stored and processed by the Dcare Box. They are then transcribed into logs that can be consulted by relatives in the application and are analyzed by artificial intelligence as part of the routine systems. They can be used anonymously and are never consulted by human beings for any purpose other than the development and improvement of our technology (fall speed, impact force, rotation, etc.). It is not shared or sold to any third party.

Connection information is recorded in the Domintell Cloud database and is intended to be stored for remote access to each system via the application's supervision interface.

Private information (surname, first name, e-mail address) may be used for marketing purposes (market research, mailing, usage data, etc.) only with your tacit consent and may be deleted at the request of each registered user.

The Domintell Cloud is a fully secure online data storage system using verified protocols, through which user data and login information necessary for the operation of the entire system is transmitted.

Our teams have worked hard to create a solution that is both technologically complete and discreet enough to fit into everyone's daily life. The Dcare bracelet has a modern and intuitive design that makes the wearer feel comfortable. The main case is barely wider and thicker (or even less!) than a connected watch or a watch with a classic dial.

The Dcare bracelet is even completely waterproof, allowing the wearer to shower with it!

Yes the Dcare app used alongside your Dcare system is completely free and available to download via the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android).

Each of the original featured offered by the Dcare system (position, fall detection, routines, etc.) can soon be disabled at will. Each user may need certain features in particular, while others would not be useful.

In this case, unnecessary features can be disabled from the app's configuration menus. This also improves the battery life of the bracelet, which is less stressed.

Yes, the Dcare technology can work in all types of buildings. The standard package includes 3 Dcare Plugs (connected plugs), which correspond to the operating radius in a standard 1/2 person flat (approx. 60 qs.m.).

The area properly covered by the Dcare Plugs varies according to the configuration of the dwellings and interior obstacles (walls, furniture, etc.), so there are limits with the 3 Plugs in the standard pack that can be overridden with one or more additional sockets.

In the case of a larger building, more Dcare Plugs are required. Additional Dcare Plugs are available individually for these situations.

You can always contact our customer service department by e-mail at or by telephone on +32 (0) 67 888 250 for more information or advice about your installation.

Depending on the placement of your Dcare Plugs and the configuration of your home, the system could detect outdoor falls at a short distance (small terrace/balcony) if a Dcare Plug is placed on the inside of a wall facing your exterior (and not outside). However, the system is not designed to cover these cases accurately and this use is not recommended. 

However, you can set a Plug Dcare in an outdoor socket, under cover. They are not waterproof and therefore not suitable for unprotected outdoor sockets.

It is possible for a supervisor to monitor several Dcare bracelet wearers of the same installation on one smartphone, via the profile management in the app. It is even possible to supervise several different installations.

No, pets are not a problem with the Dcare technology. Since the system detects falls and abnormalities based on a bracelet worn by people and not via remote sensors, no unwanted detection is possible unlike many other solutions.

Yes, the Dcare system works throughout the home (depending on the number of Dcare plugs and the size of the home, see Question 15).

During the initial set-up of the system, you are required to walk around your rooms and name them, so that the Dcare Plugs can identify the position of each room. The rooms are then listed in the system and any distance problems (lack of Dcare Plugs) would be reported at this stage.

The communication between the bracelet, the Dcare Plugs and the Dcare Box is done via a low energy technology, which allows your bracelet to keep a maximum autonomy. Moreover, this technology allows your devices to communicate in a secure and stable manner.

The Dcare Box communicates with the Domintell Cloud service via the Internet. This is why the Dcare Box is connected to your home Internet network.

As discussed in Question 18the system detects falls and anomalies based on a bracelet worn by people and not via remote (motion) detectors.

The Dcare Plugs are connected Plugs that act as a "beacon" and "relay". They enable the wearer's bracelet to be located when interrogated by the system. They also allow the bracelet to send information (monitoring data, alerts, position, etc.) to the Dcare Box, even from the other end of the house.

Of course, we've made it as easy as possible for you to change the battery. Using a simple Torx tool (included in the Dcare starter kit), you can open the bracelet case and change the battery in seconds. The procedure is described in the instructions for use, which are also included in our starter kit and available on our website This short video guides you step by step:

The Dcare bracelet is equipped with an indicator LED that changes color in response to status changes and alerts. For more details on the color codes and lighting frequencies, please check the Dcare user manual on our website

The Dcare system communicates with safe and energy-efficient technologies. In addition, they emit far less radiation than a standard GSM or Wi-Fi network.

The Dcare technology meets the main needs of seniors for an extended care at home.

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