Interview with Benoît Coquette, project manager at the Notre-Dame de Grâce clinic

Portrait of Benoît Coquette, project manager at the Notre-Dame de Grâce Clinic

Now equipped with the Dcare system to monitor its patients, the Notre-Dame de Grâce clinic offers greater security and better care for its most fragile patients. Interview with Benoît Coquette, project manager at the establishment.

What is your role in the clinic?

BC: As a project manager, I was asked by the clinic to find a solution for the geriatric and revalidation departments, which wanted to detect falls of patients admitted to their homes.

How did you hear about the Dcare solution?

BC: Through a colleague at the clinic who knew the company and informed me about Dcare.

What problem did it address?

BC: We wanted a system that was not too intrusive and/or complex, that would allow the staff to have information quickly and automatically about a fall or emergency on the part of one of the patients.

What was the feedback from within the company?

BC: Absolutely positive! The solution was perfectly adapted to the clinic and its specific needs.

Do you have any other applications planned for the system?

BC: Yes, we have a rest home that needs to be equipped, but we would also like to be able to accompany people after their hospital stay. A service to make the transition with the return home following a hospitalization, by offering them the system extended to their home. The functionalities specific to homecare would then be added.

What was your first case where bracelet played its role?

BC: There was a patient fall early in the testing phase: I knew about it but the staff did not! The staff was not yet used to carrying the tablet and I was the only one with the Dcare application. When I called the department to inform them, the patient had indeed fallen without anyone knowing! He was then quickly taken care of, which would have taken a little longer without the bracelet.

[There has since been an integration of Dcare alerts into the clinic's nurse call technology].

Personal opinion of Mr. Coquette on the solution

BC: If my grandmother had the Internet, I would have set her up! It's really interesting to have the information and to share it with relatives so that someone can intervene quickly. The multiplicity of information distribution is the great strength of the product. Dcare is a substitute for remote assistance because it saves a lot of time by alerting loved ones directly when there is a crucial emergency.

Video on the installation of the Dcare system at the Notre-Dame de Grâce clinic


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